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we provide all types of training

If you’re looking for private personal training in South East London then EWTB Coaching is here for you. Whether you are looking to get fit for the new season, lose weight, get back into training following an injury or improve you technical skills, we can help. We provide one to one and small or team group sessions when and where it suits you best. All sessions are tailor made to suit the needs and expectations of each client with goals and measurable targets set out so improvements can be tracked. 


All our sessions are delivered by Head Coach Marc Bentz, who has 20 years’ experience in coaching in training. Along with his experience, Marc holds a BSc in Sports & Exercise Science, HND in Sports Science, UEFA B Football Coaching Qualification and is a member of CIMSPA. 


For more information on how we can help, please visit the relevant section below, or get in touch.

one on one coaching

one on one

1-on-1 football coaching focuses specifically on each players needs and puts together a session to help development those individual requirements. Where a players individual needs may get overlooked at a group or team training session, in 1 on 1 training this is not the case. Our 1-on-1 sessions are bespoke to each players age, ability, position and requirements in order to get the most out of each session and see the biggest improvements in their games. At the forefront of each sessions aims we ensure that the sessions are realistic, challenging and most importantly, enjoyable.

personal training

We don’t just specialise in Football! With a 5 years’ experience working in a gym and a BSc in Sports and Exercise Science, we can also offer Personal Training sessions. Whether you are looking to lose weight, get fit or build muscle, we can help with our individually tailored training sessions. This can be delivered in the comfort of your own home, in a local park or even via zoom. Whatever our goal we can help you to get there.

personal training

rehabilitation sessions

After suffering a serious injury, the rehabilitation to get you back into sport is just as, if not more important than the time taken to recover from the injury. We work with Physiotherapists to help devise training plans that helps athletes on the road to recovery, to get back into their desired sports. Using targeted, measurable exercises we will put together a plan to aid a speedy return to sport with exercises which allow you to see week to week improvements.


goal keeper training

If you are not an outfield player, fear not, we also offer specialist Goalkeeper training at EWTB Coaching. Working with a wide variety of goal keepers from Under 7s taking their 1st steps into goalkeeping, Premier League academy Goalkeepers looking to refine their techniques to Veteran Goalkeepers still in the game, trying to stay fit and sharp for match days. Whether you want to work on technical skills such as footwork or handling, fitness or perhaps just position we are able to offer a bespoke, dynamic session for you.


Team group sessions

Team and group sessions allow individuals to put the skills and techniques they have been developing into practice in tandem with their team mates. Typically these sessions will look at team needs and weaknesses and how the group can be trained to improve that area as a collective. This could be by advanced technical practices, small sided games or working on formations. However, we also offer small group sessions, which works similar to 1 on 1 training, but puts together players who have similar goals and gets them carrying more dynamic and challenging drills.

team group

walking football

Walking football is for those who want to play football at a slower pace, whether this is down to a serious injury, or perhaps age, walking football brings all the best bits from Association Football at a slower more manageable pace. We incorporate basic SAQ exercise to help promote strengthening, coordination and fitness along with fun fitness based exercises, whilst all the time having the ball at you feet.

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